Tired of Losing Your Keys, Wallet or Phone?

The TrackR Bravo is the world’s thinnest item tracker that lets you know where your valuables are located. Just attach the coin-sized TrackR Bravo to any of your items and then use the TrackR app on your cellphone to locate it in seconds! The TrackR app is available for iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0. Once you download the free TrackR app, all you need to do is decide what you want to track, follow the setup instructions in the app and stop searching!

TrackR Bravo Features

  • Ring your TrackR Bravo device with the touch of a button.
  • Ring your misplaced cell phone even when it is on silent.
  • Has a replaceable battery that is easy to change.
  • Check your battery level in the app.
  • Uses Crowd Locate network to find items outside Bluetooth range.
  • Family sharing means you can find and share items with anyone.

TrackR Bravo Description

TrackR BravoYou will be able to quickly ring your TrackR Bravo device with the touch of a button. It is small enough to attach to anything including keys, purse, briefcases, laptops, luggage, bicycle and even pets. Lose the TV remote all the time? No problem. Just attach the TrackR bravo to the remote and you will be able to find it anytime. You can also track and ring the same TrackR device from multiple phones and TrackR accounts.

What we Like Most about the TrackR Bravo

We liked that this tracker is so useful especially for anyone who is constantly misplacing their keys or cell phone. They will be able to find them so easily. As well the tracker is compatible with a lot of different Bluetooth devices.

What we Did Not Like about the TrackR Bravo

Although this shouldn’t be considered too much of a problem, you do need to be in Bluetooth range and you must have the Bluetooth connection active in order to find your items. If the tracker pairing to your cell phone is lost then you won’t be able find your lost item. This tracker is really only meant for finding things around the house or in close proximity to your phone. Keep in mind that it is not a GPS tracking device, so it likely is not ideal for tracking cars or stolen bikes.

TrackR Bravo Order Link: TrackR Bravo Tracker

More about the TrackR Bravo

Track Your Lost ItemsTrackR Bravo makes it easy to find your missing items, no matter where you are. With the quick tap of a button, your TrackR device will begin to ring loudly, and the distance indicator will let you know when you’re getting close.

As well if an item goes missing you can use Crowd GPS to recover it. Anytime one of our hundreds of thousands of TrackR users walks by your missing item, you’ll receive an update with the location of your missing item on a map.

Having this device will cause a lot less frustration when you misplace your phone. Now you won’t have to tear your house apart looking for the phone. Simply press the button on your TrackR device to make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent!

Are you worred about losing your wallet and all the hassle of having to cancel credit cards and replace them? No worries. With this tracker you can prevent losing your items in the first place with custom separation alerts. If you leave your valuables behind, both your phone and TrackR device will ring to alert you!

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