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Many thousand of people have used CurationSoft, the web’s #1 content curation tool, mainly for generating fast, enriched and Google-friendly content, post after post on their websites.

CurationSoft users have also reported higher search rankings, more targeted traffic and increased social media promotions.

Curation Soft2Content curation is used by a number of different websites such as Yahoo, Huffington Post, FoxNews and Tech Meme and have been doing so for many years.

Now you can get the same kind of results with CurationSoft for your own websites. This means that you don’t have to spend money to have someone else write your material, buy PLR content or spend hours trying to write a blog post.

Are you finding that a lot of the time you can’t figure out what to write or you haven’t gotten any better ideas in ages?  Then you are not alone. Nine out of ten bloggers complain about writer’s block. It is tough having to generate traffic, battle technology (which always seems to be changing), marketing, trying to find new product launches and figure out how to use social media.

However, when you have CurationSoft, you just fire up the tool and very quickly build a post by dragging and dropping high-value content from eighteen major online sources.

CurationSoft helps bloggers build top-quality content in the fraction of a time it usually takes to write a post. Moreover it helps your post get additional free marketing which is always a good thing.

You see, when an author sees that you have referenced their publication in your post (CurationSoft lets them know via a backlink), 1 in 4 authors share it in some form, usually with a tweet.

That is free publicity for your post. Free publicity = more traffic.

Moreover, CurationSoft also sends them a trackback request. When they accept it, you automatically get a backlink.

High-quality backlinks = Improved Google rankings.

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